Creating Value From Farm to Cup

At Golden Ratio, we strive to deliver the perfect combination of flavour and aroma in every cup. But it’s much more than that. Through our coffee house, roastery, barista training school and export division, we pride ourselves on driving innovation, while enhancing the customer experience, to deliver the ultimate value chain from farm to cup.

Time for a Coffee Break?

Known as a haven for those who have a true appreciation for premium and speciality coffee, our Golden Ratio coffee house offers the local community, as well as visitors from further afield, a sip of coffee heaven. Pop in, relax and savour the taste of our freshly brewed coffee with your friends and family today.

Training Academy

Our world-class barista training academy offers independent coffee houses and trainee baristas an extensive programme that combines in-school and on-site training, delivering best practices in coffee handling and preparation, as well as health, safety and hygiene in the workplace.

Mastering the Art of the Perfect Brew

Our professional barista training is designed to cater to the individual needs of our customers, providing in-depth training at our innovative production facility, as well as hands-on training at our customers’ premises as and when required. Once our training course has been completed, our certified baristas offer comprehensive after sales services to our customers both locally and regionally.

Our training course, which is led by our own champion barista, includes training on all aspects of coffee roasting, cupping, brewing, preparation and service. The programme covers: product knowledge and sales skills, brewing best practices, storage and handling of coffee, executing a specialty coffee menu (extraction, milk frothing techniques, latte art and presentation), coffee quality control through regular site visits and coffee tasting, follow-ups on any customer queries, and machine replacement in case of technical failure.

We also provide coffee farm tours, factory tours, and lectures on the cupping of our specialty blends of coffee.

Technical Support

Baristas also provide customers with technical training and support as required. This includes training on coffee machine handling, troubleshooting techniques, and service and maintenance (including the importance of regular machine cleaning).


We aim to engage our customers in all coffee activities taking place in Kenya, as well as neighbouring countries such as Uganda and Ethiopia.